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About the former National Chevy / GMC Truck Association

History of Existence


Time Frames of it Activity:

National Chevy/GMC Truckin' Club - Existed from 1981 to 1985 - Started by Seth Doulton

The Pickups 'n Panels in Print magazine was the original magazine of the club.

The club and Magazine was temporarily on HOLD from 1985 to 1989

The club was restarted as the National Chevy/GMC Trucking Association in July 1989 - Restarted by Danny Howell and Jim Knight with the assistance and support of Seth Doulton

The new National Chevy / GMC Truck Association brings back Pickups 'n Panels in Print with the assistance of Seth as publisher and with Jim as Editor.

In August of 1989, it was re-named to the National Chevy/GMC Truck Association.

National Chevy/GMC Truck Association - Existed from 1989 to 2001 


Magazine & Club/Association Credits


Pickups 'n Panels in Print magazine - National Chevy / GMC Truckin' Club 1981-1985 (As they Appeared)

  • Publisher - Golden State Publishing (82-85)
  • National Truckin' Club President - John Serena (82)
  • Editor - John Serena (82), Seth Doulton (83-84)
  • Associate Editor - Seth Doulton (82), Karen Daley (84-85)
  • National Truckin' Club Secretary - Jeanne Kliever (82-83)
  • Membership Director - Laura Decker (82-85)
  • Feature Editor - Kevin Perry (84-85)
  • Art Director - Tom Buhl (82), Ellen K Anderson (84), Esperanza Hernandez (84), Sharon Talbot (85)
  • Assistant Art Director - John Skidmore (82), Ellen K Anderson (83), Karen Daley (84)
  • Editorial & Layout Director - Karen Daley (84)
  • Editorial & Layout Consultants - Robert K Smith (82-85), Jim Clark (82-85)
  • Contributing Editors - Robert K Smith (82-85), Jim Clark (82-85), Todd Williams (82-85), Lloyd Corlis (82-85), Mike Zarbolias (82-85), John Semonish (83-84), Kevin Perry (84-85), Jeanne Supin (85)
  • Contributing Photographers - Robert K Smith (82-85), Jim Clark (82-84), Kevin Perry (82), Bill Romero (82), John Semonish (83-84), Karen Daley (83-85), Phil Nagel (83-84), Jim Knight (85), Laura Decker (85), Charlie Mettam (85), Jeanne Supin (85), Jody Eulitz (85)
  • Cover Photographer - Robert K Smith (83-84), Jeff Scozzaro (85), Steve Reyes (85)
  • Copyreader - Wendi Cromer (85)
  • Typographers - Tom Buhl Typographers (Santa Barbara, CA) (82-84), Schauer Printers (Santa Barbara, CA) (85), Robert Nuismer (85)
  • Color Separations - Santa Barbara Photoengraving (83-85)
  • Printers - Schauer Printers (Santa Barbara, CA) (83-85) 


Pickups 'n Panels in Print magazine - National Chevy / GMC Truck Association 1989-2001 (As they Appeared)

  • Publisher - 
  • Editor - 
  • Associate Editor - 
  • National Truckin' Club Secretary - 
  • Membership Director - 
  • Feature Editor - 
  • Art Director - 
  • Assistant Art Director - 
  • Editorial & Layout Director - 
  • Editorial & Layout Consultants - 
  • Contributing Editors - 
  • Contributing Photographers - 
  • Cover Photographer - 
  • Copyreader - 
  • Typographers - 
  • Color Separations - 
  • Printers - 

The Story of the Original National Chevy / GMC Truck Association


by Seth Doulton

Introduction of Pickups 'n Panels in Print and the National Chevy / GMC Truckin' Club - 1981

Seth started the Golden State Pickup Parts in 1973. Shorty afterwards, he joined a Classic Chevy Club and became good friends with Doug Moorehead and Danny Howell. After going to some conventions, Seth saw what a great idea it was to have a magazine and give people a discount on parts if they were a member of a club. With Golden State Pickup Parts already in full swing with numerous catalogs, he started the Chevy GMC Trucking Nationals in Ogden, Utah. At the time, Seth thought it would be a good idea to make it a Club event and start a magazine.

There was one man who happened to be one of Seth's closest friends who was very instrumental in helping start the original Truckin' Club back in 1981, his name is Danny Howell. He attended two of the Trucking Nationals in Ogden, Utah and was deeply involved in the car and truck business for years. Seth met Danny at the Classic Chevy International Convention in 1975. Because of Seth's business, Golden State Pickup Parts and the years of parts sold, he was constantly in contact with Danny.

In 1980, Seth made a trip to Orlando, Florida to ask a couple hundred questions of Danny. Seth sorted out the facts and finally in 1981, Seth started the Truckin' Club. His close personal friend Robert K Smith shot a lot of the features in the magazine and was also the one who originally suggested doing the Ogden show and, opening up a store in Los Angeles which his wife Cathy Smith ran for Seth for over 10 years.

The original truck club that Seth started was patterned very much like the Classic Chevy Club International, started by Doug Moorehead and Danny Howell. In fact, before Seth ever started the original Truck Club, he spent a fair amount of time with Doug and Danny discussing the pros and cons of a club type organization. Danny was quite a truck fan and offered as much help and assistance to Seth as possible and was anxious to have the original Truck Club be successful.

In early 1981, the Pickups 'n Panels In Print Magazine was created. Through the years, the magazine grew in circulation, but that was back in the day when there was no computer layouts and everything was done by hand. In August of 1985, the Truckin' Nationals were held in Los Angeles, California at the County fairgrounds. Seth was trying to stir up more involvement in the National Convention as well as in the National Chevy/GMC Truckin' Club. But the Nationals did not draw the croud he expected in Los Angeles. In its previous home in Ogden, Utah, the show had always had a good turnout, but because of the logistics, it proved to be more costly.

During the same period of time. Seth was going 'round and 'round about the Truckin's Club and its magazine Pickups 'n Panels in Print. Seth was trying to get more involvement (membership) by sending out special mailers, double issue magazines, adding color, etc. The tough part was coming to a realization that it was costing far more to publish the magazine that what was being collected in membership fees.

After some time, Golden State Pickup Parts grew and it began to get busy for Seth. It was very difficult to keep up a magazine being done by hand, and run a full time business at the same time. He found that his overhead costs were quite high, and after approximately four years he felt it to his financial benefit, because of those high expenses, to temporarily discontinue the publication. So, in 1985 Seth finally decided to put the magazine on hold. He had really drained his ideas but he never drained his heart of the feelings for everyone on the club. He had such a good close relationship with so many in the organization.


The Return of Pickups 'n Panels in Print & the National Chevy / GMC Truck Association - 1989

As you might have guessed, the members started calling, heralding for help as the last letter went out announcing the status of Pickups 'n Panels in Print. They suggested making the magazine smaller or all black and white but there was no way Seth would do either if he had anything to do with it. The magazine had to be the best possible quality or not be at all.

In the four years since Seth stopped publishing Pickups 'n Panels in Print, the 1947 through 1972 Chevy and GMC truck market really took off. Not that it wasn't hot before, but it had tripled and continue to grow as the clock ticked.

Ever since originally starting the Truckin' Club back in 1981, Seth started talking to Danny about the Chevy/GMC Club and he knew that with his experience and knowledge, he would be an asset. But as providence would have it, Danny was heavily involved with the Classic Chevy Club and it's sister organization, the Late Great Chevrolet Association, so all Danny could do was give us his ideas and suggestions.

Because Seth's business, Golden State Pickups Parts, actually started out as a truck parts business rather than a club, he of course, had some challenges in converting over to a club-type organization. Classic Chevy and Late Great Chevys started out not just as a parts service, but first and foremost they were an organization to allow people to get together to share ideas, to pass along concepts and suggestions, and to organize a National set-up for conventions, etc. Seth started the original Truckin' Club to archive the same goals. He published a successful magazine and held several successful conventions.

Danny, having being involved in the publication of both "Classic Chevy World" and "Late Great Chevys" he certainly understood the challenges that Seth faced. Discontinuing the original magazine was an extremely difficult decision for Seth and like many others, Danny too was disappointed.

Over the past four years, Danny and Seth talked long and hard about Pickups 'n Panels in Print. Like many others, Danny encouraged Seth to start republishing the magazine but as before, finding the right personnel and a place to publish was a real challenge. Seth was trying to tell Danny that he's just the shot in the arm that "us members" needed to keep the magazine going but he felt that his commitment at the time as President of the Late Great Chevrolet Association required the bulk of his time. However, Danny agreed to serve as a director of the new Chevy/GMC Trucking Association.

The Chevy/GMC pickup and panel market was booming. The inquiries about another Trucking Nationals kept flooding Seth's office. At that time, Seth decided to take the Nationals back to Ogden, Utah where it belonged. Along with that, it was decided to re-publish Pickups 'n Panels in Print. Danny Howell, his staff and Seth started (well, restarted) the Association with the same goals as were intended for the original club: "give the truck owners and enthusiasts a publication that they can be proud of, where they can learn about trucks, and most of all, share their ideas, their trucks and their parts for sale."

The biggest challenge was finding someone responsible to edit and direct the publication of a top notch magazine worthy of the membership. Seth believed he found the right person. In the last ten years at the time, he had the opportunity work with, and become acquainted with Jim Knight. Jim was a free-lance layout and design artist in Orlando, Florida. Jim was one of the finest automobile/truck photographers in the United States and had worked closely with Danny at both Classic Chevy Club and Late Great Chevys. He was very knowledgeable about every aspect of magazine publication from photography to layout and design.

So, they we're off again with the magazine, and with a new Association. Seth stayed the publisher of the magazine and continued to provide a 5% discount to Club/Association members. The new National Chevy / GMC Truck Association was an outgrowth of the original Truckin' Club. The newly formed Association was deeply indebted to Seth for his gracious cooperation and help. It seemed intelligent for the new Association to pick up where it left off, but Seth owned the rights to the name "Pickups 'n Panels in Print" and without his help, the Association would not have been able to call the publication by its same name.

It also would have been literally impossible to have gone out and purchased a mailing list from Seth and all the people he sold parts to. Without any financial remuneration, Seth allowed the new Association to send a special mailing to all of his customers and because he had the original Truckin' Club members on a computer, he allowed the new Association to access to all the names and addresses of all the original members. Because of that graciousness and kindness on his part, Seth was allowed to do display advertising in the pages of Pickups 'n Panels in Print. The new Association felt it was more than a fair exchange for the many things Seth did, and did for the new Association and for the new National Headquarters in Apopka, Florida.

Seth continued to write terrific articles written in Pickups n' Panels in Print which was very informative and beneficial to all the former, existing and new members. He did so without any compensation for his extensive research and all the hours he spent in putting together the articles for the magazine. In addition, the new Editor Jim Knight and Danny were even more appreciative when Seth agreed to offer all Club/Association members a five percent discount on parts. Even though that it may not have seemed a lot, collectively that discount amounted to a very costly thing for Seth to do and they were certainly thankful to him and his generosity to all of the new Association's members.


Pickups 'n Panels in Print and the National Chevy / GMC Association During its Prime - 1990-2001

Currently being research. Stay tuned


Sometimes, Great Things Have to Come to an End - The Great Life of the Magazine and Association - 2001

Currently being researched. Stay tuned.




Seth Doulton's Personal Account of the Club/Association

Several Pickups 'n Panels in Print Magazine Editions




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